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mad grow up you 5 year old. just cause the server has problems doesn't mean you can rage. i bet you wouldn't even be able to start a server so i suggest you respect what haazo and the others are trying to do
when the server open??
Your* -corrected-
You're story is as usefull as you are
Mad, I'm like the Lorax, cept I don't speak for the trees. I speak for people with sanity hoping not to lose it. So if you want to help me in my journey private message me your issues with me.
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Davan1225Guys when the server comes up you should come vistit my in game shop we have low prices and shinys and legendarys on sale also everyday we have a sale of the day hope you can come see! :)
Floventful   I'm in
sbleye96anyone want to see this on the server..Also if you need help building your own arena tell me.
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Davan1225   Nice
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Noone join or leave!
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tacoevilGuys! NOONE LEAVE THE SERVER OR JOIN. STAY OFF THERE IS A MAJOR ISSUE. everytime you relog or rejoin your pokes reset! Everyone needs to stop joining for now until we can contact Haazo about this! I lost a shiny Eevee I traded with Stryker. Everyone, be careful, and Haazo, please help us
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lost my legendaries and shinny drifblim
4 Scam Reports and Invent...
lost my lvl 71 gangar
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