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Lol , lately allot of people get banned "O_o..."
Aaron waiting for your response/unmute and unjail.
Mewtwo does not spawn in the jungle. Mewtwo spawns in Extreme Hills. Mew spawns in the Jungle.
Also you could have been warned for Complaining About Lag instead of Spamming "g"
You do not have access to shout
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tacoevilI just got jailed because my mc was lagging and I accidentally typed too many gs than i wanted to because it wasn't showing anything i was typing. So now for that, I'm temp-banned for 3 days and I just got out. Anyone else think this is ridiculous?
[Mod] JSWAG04Mean, Helpers don't lie to staff and act like they are their personal friends
mean_skills26hopeing that i can become a helper the server
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CheakyTigerHawk   created a new thread R.I.P. Money Farm in the General Discussion forum
aschwalbe1   created a new thread Planet Minecraft in the General Discussion forum
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SonicTriesMCPorygon spawns everywhere but the easier place is jungle
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